Manly Brothers 2017 Under 8


16/5/17: Jacky McCauley has been appointed as the new I.T. Manager of Manly Christian Brothers
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Coach: Darron Price. 0400 540 004.

Manager: Trudi McDonnell

Firstly, what a great bunch of kids I had the pleasure to coach this year.

Every time these boys turned up to training or to the games they listened, they participated  enthusiastically and hopefully they enjoyed themselves. So parents, keep doing what your doing  cause those boys demonstrated such positive attitudes and behaviour beyond there years.


Season 2016 for the 7’s was a “non competitive” year.

Yeh Sure, try telling that to these little champions as they played their hearts out every game and almost always asked me, “did we win Darron”? at the end of each game.

We certainly won more than we lost but it was the development of the boys throughout the year that was the most pleasing thing for me. As a team the boys always played to the best of there ability and were always very respectful to the opposition players and referees, reflecting the great nature of these boys.

Rugby League being a contact sport, can be very confronting for some boys, no matter what age you are. The biggest challenge as a coach is to make sure the transitional phase from hesitation to willingness is seamlessly achieved.

This pathway requires the incorporation of confidence building age appropriate skills and infusing these newly acquired skills into fun games during training sessions.

The boys worked hard at training to develop skills in key areas like tackle tech, the pass/catch and hard running. The end result was a team of footballers, participation and involvement on game day grew as did there confidence as the year progressed.

I’d also like to thank the parents for there support through out the year, ensuring that the boys  got to training and game days. Thanks to the club and all the people behind the scenes and a big thank you to our team manager Trudi Mcdonnell for all your emails and assistance during game  days, Thanks Trudi.

Again a big thank you to everyone for a thoroughly enjoyable season, hopefully see you all next year in 2017.
Coach: Darron Price.

Name Position
Beau Lill
Benji Kagho
Cayden Ward
Curtis Willey
George Mitchell
Hugo Boorman
James Bousie
James Pike
Jaxon Price
Lachlan Head
Milo Dacic
Oscar Nixon
Sam Moar
Xavier Healy


Adopt a Manly Sea Eagle: Jake Trbojevic

Jake’s Junior team was the Mona Vale Raiders. He recently got to captain the Manly Sea Eagles when Jamie Lyon was injured.