Manly Brothers 2017 Under 14


16/5/17: Jacky McCauley has been appointed as the new I.T. Manager of Manly Christian Brothers
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4th in Div 1 League.

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BEST BACK: Jonah Wildash
BEST FORWARD: James (BJ) Reisp
BEST ATTACKER: Alexander Simmons

Coach: Dean Michniewicz
Assistant Coach: Anthony Youngman
Trainers: Higgo and Jamie Wildash
Manager: Melissa Wildash

Moving to full international rules this year was very exciting for the coaches and players, providing some new aspects of the game to explore at training. With 18 boys signed up at the start of the season, things were looking positive.

Whilst we had 18 in our squad, every week we were scratching around for a full team of 13 boys. The boys must be applauded for their efforts with a lack of reserves on the bench. Some playing two games a day and four games on the weekend, some playing with a niggle or when under the weather, however, they put in week in and week out.

This year we played 12 games, having 5 wins and 7 losses. There was definite improvement as the season went on, particularly in attitude and confidence on the field. This year the disparity between the big and small boys was far more significant and there is no doubt it dampened the confidence of many. Facing up to boys who are more than twice your weight can be a daunting task.

Full time professional NRL players don’t face this disparity, yet under developed 12 and 13-year old kids are confronted with this proposition. That said, a few tough training sessions in the cold and wet seemed to instil some resolve into their defensive efforts against the bigger boys. There is no doubt that when it comes to skill, this team can more than match it with their peers and this was evident with some of the scintillating tries scored this year.

The highlights of the year were games against Mona Vale and Cromer on back-to-back weekends. The boys combined skill, creativity and smarts with toughness, aggression and desire to deliver performances that the coaches always knew they were capable of. Smashing a full strength Mona Vale 26 – 16 and demoralising the Kingfishers 16-4. The more often we can look to play as one, for each other, with relentless energy, the more the belief and confidence will grow.

Thanks to all the parents for the running around they do for their sons, enabling them to take part in this great sport and hopefully learn and take so much from it.

 Finally, to the boys, thanks for your efforts this year and for the boys that I have coached since they were 6, Brothers training and games for the last 8 years have been the highlights of my week, it’s been a pleasure to get to know you and I have thoroughly enjoyed this experience with you all.

To me, playing footy has always been and will forever be about striving to improve, challenging yourself, building confidence, developing character and most importantly about mateship.

Name Position
Alexander Simmons
Andrew Hintze
Jacob Povah
James (BJ) Reisp
Jed Walsh
Jesse Michniewicz
Jonah Wildash
Joshua O’Brien
Lachlan Nesbitt
Liam Painter
Max Gibson
Noah Smith
Saxon Wood
Saxon Youngman
Taylor Kerr
Thomas Odell
Tyson Cogan
Vincent Pons
Zane Browne

Adopt a Manly Sea Eagle: Brett Stewart

Brett was born on 27th February 1985. He began playing juniors for Wests Wollongong and has gone on to represent Manly, NSW and Australia.