Manly Brothers 2017 Under 13 Maroon


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1st in Div 1 League.

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Coach: Jason Williams

Assistant Coach: Brandon Ward

Manager: Katie

Trainers: Clay Melbourn, Dan Maxwell and Mick Clues

Our Manly Brothers under 12’s maroon side had a somewhat mixed bag this year. At times they looked like the best team in the competition and at other times let’s just say they weren’t at their best. We also saw injuries play a part in their year for the first time. As a whole even though it was not the boy’s most successful year I believe as a group they are really developing as a quality side with their skill base and communication on the field.

The under 12’s in our division is I believe probably the strongest age group in the Manly Warringah district with most teams having the ability to beat any other side on any given day. Our boys showed this year that when they have their game day heads turned on they can and did beat the best sides as was evident when they beat the previously undefeated and grand final winning Narrabeen. Once again they also showed they can match it with Beacon Hill as they only lost in the last 3 minutes in the grand final qualifier. This tells us that although it was not your most successful year it was still a good year with many pleasing performances.

I would rather not go into individuals this year by name but there were some massive performances.

  • We had 1 player this year who improved so much that he came up from 3rd division last year and played every game in first division.
  • 2 players came up from 2nd division and played all their games in our side.
  • 7 of our players were chosen in the Under 12’s development squad.
  • Most of the boys improved dramatically with a handful of them having their best year.
  • We also had 10 players from our other side have that spent time playing in our 1st division side so I believe we as a club we should be very proud of them all.

I personally would like to thank a few people for extra effort and knowledge they bring to our group.

Brandon Ward came on board this year and his knowledge and coaching ability has helped the boys dramatically not to mention he took a lot of pressure and work load of me and it was greatly appreciated especially when I was unable to make training.

Aaron Morris’s contribution especially at the back end of season was great to have and I think the boys really listened and absorbed as much as they personally could.

Super manager Katie stepped up this year and I’m sure by the end of the year was wondering if she had made the right choice especially with the extra emails I kept getting year to send out.

Clay Melbourn, Dan Maxwell and Mick Clues were our trainers this year and were greatly appreciated for all they did.

Paul Candrick did most our games on the table this year and I thank him for that.

Thank you to the whole Brothers committee for all the work you do to keep our club functioning on a daily basis and to get our boys on the field each season. Finally thank you to all the families and supporters for turning up each week and spending time either in the canteen or on the BBQ. Thank you for also letting me coach your sons.


Adopt a Manly Sea Eagle: Brayden Wiliame

Brayden was born on 17th December 1992 and his junior club was Woy Woy Roosters.