Partnership Opportunities


16/5/17: Jacky McCauley has been appointed as the new I.T. Manager of Manly Christian Brothers
so send your content to or 0413 514 809

Many businesses wish to give back to their local communities and support healthy youth activities, whilst at the same time helping to grow their businesses.

Manly Brothers can help with a plan that enables your company to build its brand and network amongst its business leaders.

The income raised goes back into building facilities in the immediate area.

Value is created for our partners through:

  • Editorial and advertising on our website.
  • Linking highlights from our personalised newsletter.
  • Coverage in our social media including LinkedIn, Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.
  • Advertising on team apparel and merchandise.
  • Match day signage.
  • Match day hospitality.
  • Networking events.