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Australian Rugby League Rules Book

Manly Brothers Club Rules and Regulations

Mini and Mod Rules

Coaching Guidelines

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Manly Warringah District Junior Rugby League Development Squads

Rugby League – The Greatest Game of All!!!

Rugby League is played in 3 formats which cater to the age, experience and skill level of it’s participants. Here at Manly Christian Brothers we field teams in each of these formats from Under 6 through to Under 18 and A Grade.

Mini Footy

  • For ages up to and including 8 years, with an option for 9 year olds if justifiable conditions exist.
  • Mini footy is the best way of getting into the wonderful game of rugby league without the big hits. If you are under nine, it is the perfect way to begin your quest for NRL stardom.
  • Instead of playing with 13 players, mini league is played with eight, with an additional 4 reserves. There is no kicking or big-hitting tackles.
  • It is really simple and a great way of learning all the basic passing, catching and running skills.
  • If you want to start playing mini rugby league feel free to get in touch with the Club today.

Mod League

  • For ages 10-12 inclusive, with an option for 9 year olds if justifiable conditions exist.
  • Once you have learned the basic skills playing mini footy, it is time to move onto mod rugby league.
  • Mod league is slightly different to mini footy. Instead of playing with eight players, mod is played with 11. There are five forwards and six backs and there are five-man scrums for those of you who can’t wait to get stuck in!
  • Mod rugby league is a step up from mini, but one down from the full 13-a-side version of the game.


  • For 13 years and over. This is the full version of rugby league with 13 players a side and an additional 4 reserves.

Safeplay Code

The Safeplay Code was developed to emphasise “safety and good conduct” within the game of Rugby League. The Code is designed to provide the best on-the-field environment possible for the junior game of Rugby League by actively controlling undesirable actions.

It has been introduced for players up to and including the Under 15 age group. The ARL and ARFL trusts that players, coaches, parents and supporters will wholeheartedly embrace the code for the benefit of the players and the Game.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct was developed by the ARL to encourage all participants in the game of Rugby League including players, parents, spectators, coaches, referees and officials to maintain high standards of behaviour, on and off the field.

Rugby League – A Brief Overview

  • The aim of the game is simple: score more points than the other team.
  • Each team is given six tackles or chances to score.
  • If, after six tackles, they have not scored, the ball is handed over to the other team who then get the chance to score with their six tackles.
  • But rugby league is slightly more complicated than this.
  • Time – A game of rugby league consists of two halves of 40 minutes, with injury time added on at the end of each half.
  • Each half begins with a kick-off. In between the two halves, there is a 10-minute break after which both teams change ends and attack the half they were defending. A hooter or whistle will indicate the start and finish of the half.
  • Play is only allowed to continue after the whistle or hooter sounds if the ball is still in play. The half will immediately end once a tackle is made or the ball goes out to touch.
  • However, time can be extended for a penalty kick or a kick at goal. In that case, the half will end when the next ball goes of play or a tackle has been made.
  • The Ball – Rugby league is played with an oval shaped ball. All balls must be 280-300mm in length. Most full size balls weigh between 383 to 440 grams.
  • The Field – Rugby league is played on a field which is no more than 100m in length and 68m in width, however, most juniors play on fields smaller than this.
  • The field is covered in several markings to indicate the different lines in the game. The three most important lines are the goal lines, deadlines and the half-way line.
  • There are also several 10m markings from the touchline on the field to show where scrums and re-starts should be taken.